Blackjack Side Bet

A variety of blackjack variations have emerged through the online casinos along with live gaming venues. 21 +3 blackjack is one of the most popularized game. It is a combination of two popular games called the blackjack and three-card poker, thus the name 21+3. It consists of the strategic measures of blackjack along with the gambling features of three-card poker. To begin with, you must know the rules revolving around the 21+3 game.



Six decks of cards are utilized and shuffled after each game played. After placing the bet, the players will be provided with only two cards facing upwards, just like blackjack. The dealer displays his cards faced up later. The players are provided with the opportunities to act their own hands by neither hitting, splitting, doubling down, nor even standing. The primary purpose of the game is to beat the dealer by making the value of the card close to 21. Also, splitting of two paired cards from the deck are permitted to re-split.

 +3 Side

Even before dealing the cards, the customers can make a side bet to achieve the +3 side poker bet. This kind of bet is kept in a separate box. Once the customer makes a bet, and the cards are drawn, you cannot re-bet the bet. The main combinations of the most commonly played results are suited three of a kind, straight, flush, and straight flush.

More Rules to Apply

The list of all the bonus payouts for the customers can start from 8 to 1 precisely. Here, the players can even draw or hit to a hand with eight cards at maximum range. At the range of 8 cards can beat the dealer in all aspects as long as it does not cross 21.



21+3 blackjack odds are pressed to the five various kinds of winning hands. This is related to the probability of the cards that are landing at the player’s hand.  One of the advice for the players is to double-check their cards, 21+3 blackjack odds.


In many online blackjack games that permit a side bet is purposefully minimized bet favorable to the players. The entire percentage rate of the blackjack is 99.70 percent. This means that the casino returns a shadow over the 0.99 percent on each bet. By pushing the players to make a three side bet, online casinos are tending to lower the number. Apart from that, there is no particular strategy where the side bet is concerned. Apart from all these, it’s entirely for entertainment purpose and revolves around the luck and intuitive mathematics algorithms. The players must watch out to maximize their profit and minimize the losses by continuously playing online.

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