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Blackjack Side Bet

Everything You Need to know About 21+3 Blackjack Side Bet

A variety of blackjack variations have emerged through the online casinos along with live gaming venues. 21 +3 blackjack is one of the most popularized game. It is a combination of two popular games called the blackjack and three-card poker, thus the name 21+3. It consists of the strategic measures of blackjack along with the gambling features of three-card poker. To begin with, you must know the rules revolving around the 21+3 game.



Six decks of cards are utilized and shuffled after each game played. After placing the bet, the players will be provided with only two cards facing upwards, just like blackjack. The dealer displays his cards faced up later. The players are provided with the opportunities to act their own hands by neither hitting, splitting, doubling down, nor even standing. The primary purpose of the game is to beat the dealer by making the value of the card close to 21. Also, splitting of two paired cards from the deck are permitted to re-split.

 +3 Side

Even before dealing the cards, the customers can make a side bet to achieve the +3 side poker bet. This kind of bet is kept in a separate box. Once the customer makes a bet, and the cards are drawn, you cannot re-bet the bet. The main combinations of the most commonly played results are suited three of a kind, straight, flush, and straight flush.

More Rules to Apply

The list of all the bonus payouts for the customers can start from 8 to 1 precisely. Here, the players can even draw or hit to a hand with eight cards at maximum range. At the range of 8 cards can beat the dealer in all aspects as long as it does not cross 21.



21+3 blackjack odds are pressed to the five various kinds of winning hands. This is related to the probability of the cards that are landing at the player’s hand.  One of the advice for the players is to double-check their cards, 21+3 blackjack odds.


In many online blackjack games that permit a side bet is purposefully minimized bet favorable to the players. The entire percentage rate of the blackjack is 99.70 percent. This means that the casino returns a shadow over the 0.99 percent on each bet. By pushing the players to make a three side bet, online casinos are tending to lower the number. Apart from that, there is no particular strategy where the side bet is concerned. Apart from all these, it’s entirely for entertainment purpose and revolves around the luck and intuitive mathematics algorithms. The players must watch out to maximize their profit and minimize the losses by continuously playing online.


How to Tackle and Win Baccarat like a Pro?

Players all around the world love to play baccarat. There are various kinds of bets involved in playing baccarat cards like banker bets, tie bet, and player bet. Even though the terms of the game are easy to understand, players often end-up in losing. The below-given tips will help you to maximize the chances of winning at baccarat.

Never rely on the patterns

There are a lot of players who believes that to win a game in baccarat; you must keep track of all the patterns. Many tables keep the record of patterns to know whether the outcomes are of the tie, bank, or even the player bet. You must understand that each game is entirely separate. You need to have fun while playing and think of it as another entertainment platform. Do not stress yourself too much on the game. Eventually, you will start loving the game when you stop keeping a rail of all the patterns.

Eliminate the Tie

By making a smart bet

It would be best if you decided what bet to place when you sit on the baccarat table whether to go for the tie or the banker bet. Because betting on the banker is taxed as 5 percent by the house itself. However, it is proven that the banker bet will enhance the highest winning chance as it consists of a lower edge, and the payment will benefit you for the long run.

Eliminate the Tie

Any professional baccarat player will be having the same opinion on tie bet that is it is one of the worst bet to place while playing baccarat. The payment on tie bet will be seducing. But, you have to be extremely lucky to pull off such bet as it exceeds 9 percent most of the time. If you draw out the bet, the payout is much more profitable. Unless you are a fortune-teller or blessed with extreme success and luck rate, go for the tie bet.

By keeping it brief

By keeping it brief

The players in this gaming platform often get big loses. The players need to know when to eliminate the greediness of winning. Also, when to withdraw before the things get out of your hand. You can also switch-table if you want to before playing again.

Trust your gut

Even though you had luck for a few times, you must not get hungry and believe that you have come up with the most reliable system, which assures you a return over the long run. We are sure of the beginners’ luck, especially when a stranger walks in and gain wins for consecutive times, these are the players who play for fun, win big, and trust their gut.

Video Poker Machine

Beating Video Poker Machines

Video Poker is one of the most popular games that one can find at a casino. They have been around since the 1970s and have evolved in leaps and bounds since then. Video Poker is a great variation of regular Poker where the graphics and animation enhance the gambling experience and make it wholesome. Speaking of Video Poker, you might be looking for effective ways to beat the game and increase your chances of winning at it. And that is what has led you to this article. Therefore, without any further ado, we shall now move on to looking at some simple tips that you can use to beat the game and win a handsome amount.

No Two Ways to Learning the Rules

You can scour for boatloads of articles that provide effective tips to beat the game of Video Poker, but if you do not learn and internalize the rules of the game, you cannot be successful. There are no two ways to it. Therefore, the first thing that you must do is to learn the rules from a credible source about Video Poker, research on the strategies and watch a few demos of the game too. This will give you the hang of the game and prepare you to play in real-time.

Be Careful about Choosing the Right Pay Table

It is important that you know which pay table to choose even before you start playing Video Poker. And Video Poker provides you with the advantage of understanding which pay table offers what return so that you can choose wisely. Therefore, use the information to your benefit and choose wisely. Identifying the best pay table for you is an essential strategy that you must understand and not ignore at any cost.

Be Careful about Choosing the Right Pay Table

Do Not Go Overboard with Your Game

It is great to find yourself excited about playing the game, but remember to slow down. It is imperative to understand the basic motto of casino games. They are designed in a way that will lure you to play more hands. However, always remember that the more you play, the higher are your chances of losing. Therefore, the takeaway of this point is that you need to learn to slow down and not go overboard with you game. Strike a balance so that you can win and also indulge in some pure fun.

Play for the Progressive Jackpot

This is the final point that we would like to bring to you about beating the game. Playing for progressive jackpots is a great idea since they ensure that you go home with a guaranteed amount of money or rewards even if you do not hit the winning price. Video Poker machines with progressive jackpots provide you with the opportunity of winning some prize on successfully completing each level, which is a great bargain if you think about it.

Therefore, it can be safely asserted that one who follows the aforementioned tips about beating a game of Video Poker, has a higher chance of winning the jackpot or take home some rewards at the least.

Slot Games

How Math-Integrated Slot Games Provide Income to the Casinos?

Are you a beginner tired of losing bets? Have you ever thought about how slot machines work? You may have asked yourself a lot of questions when you get frustrated from losing. Casino completely works on math and its operations. Each game analyzes and calculates the winning formula. Most of the players’ don’t know how gambling or slot machines work.

Slot machines

Slot machines are one of the casino games that helps the organization to gain money from the players. Unlike the other games, the demand for the slots is relatively high. People play the game due to its hefty payouts and immense valuable chances. As a result, many people get attracted to slots than the rest of the exciting games on the house. Slots are much easier to play, and the steps involved are simple. The player has to insert a coin and pull or click on the lever. Suppose you prefer to back out, press cash out anytime. This range of simplicity is what attracts the players furthermore.

Math and slot machines

Math and slot machines

Even though you played for a longer time and doesn’t know why you are still losing, or you are player who wins most of the time but yet don’t know how it’s time for you to understand the math involved in the slot machine games to determine the results. We can classify the math application used in a slot machine in three different ways.

  • Cost per game

Cost per game analysis is known as the simplest method where math operations is used. There are mainly two different levels of slot games costs. The price per spin and charge per any add-on game, respectively. The former spin gets deducted from your current bank balance or stake and the later, from you winnings. An instance for an additional game is that the amount will consist of gamble characteristics and will only be available if successful in winning the initial spin.

Money Management

  • Money Management

It is you who should decide to bet aggressively or conservatively. The former means to bet maximum thereby allowing you to achieve success and gain a lot of prizes, and the later ways to bet in minimum, which mean to play a variety of games with minimum prizes. Also, advanced games need maximum bets to achieve jackpots.

  • Volatility Evaluation

Gambling experts is differentiated based on how they evaluate volatility—the niche volatility interchanges with variance. The first is used in math, and the second in finance. You can also understand if the game is volatile if it distributes the prizes less. Furthermore, the variance is computed for the rest set of scores by doubling the standard deviation. In casino platform, we can assume that the more the unpredictability of the variation, the more the volatile game played.

Keno Games

Top 5 Tricks to Easily Win at any Keno Games

Keno, just like any other games in a casino, is considered as one of the most prominent game for years. Conventionally, the game was played with balls with the numbers on them.  Every ball was put in a circular transparent can and spun till 20 of the balls are drawn. Winning on Keno is as tough as winning for other games. Most of the Keno professional players believe that this particular game was played at the older people’s home. Players, other than that, assumed that one has to be extremely lucky to win Keno. The reason why you are reading this article is that; you want to gain success while playing Keno.

  • Choose the casinos that provide good payouts. It will help you if you check out the varieties of Keno games accessible in the casinos for guessing the accurate numbers. Many players chose Monkey Keno as it comprises of many impressive features any players can look forward to.
  • Continue playing for free to understand how the game works. Keno is not as complicated as any other casino games. Therefore, there are many players out there who are brave enough to bet for real money from the initial stage onwards. As a result, they lose a lot. For any game to master, you must keep on playing until you are fluent with the terms, rules, and tricks.


  • Keep in mind to select the numbers ranging between four and eight. When provided with options that begin from 15 to 20 numbers all having the same bet, the question that rise is how many numbers in the given chart is the accurate number? The most underlying truth about Keno is that the higher chances you choose, the greater the correct numbers.
  • The next related tip is which number to choose while you bet. While playing Video Keno, the digits are generally picked out by a number initiator; thus, the random outcomes. But a lot of professional players after researching and playing came up with the notion that playing with the consecutive numbers helped them to maximize their winning.
  • Lastly, consider playing in more reliable casinos platforms. The choice you make has to be relied on to specific gaming platform. While choosing the best Keno platform, keep an eye on those that provide good payouts. Along with that, the casinos must be very loyal and trustworthy to their customers. Because, even if you come up with the best strategy program to tackle the Keno game, and you won a lot of money, there is no point if all those go to the illegal casinos. This is why it is must understand what place and kind of platform and payout the casino is offering.
Play Roulette

Top 5 Steps to Improve and Win at Roulette Wheel

Comparatively simple and easy to understand, Roulette is known as one of the famous casino games. The game gets complicated when you learn and deeply research to understand it’s layers. The game is more than watching the small ball bouncing and rotating around the wheel while passing or tossing the chips across the table. Before playing at a roulette table, you must know the betting system and various varieties of odds that are available to the players. The following bulletins will help you to tackle the roulette table and gain success in just five easy steps.

  1. A better practical approach to the game

Like mentioned before, Roulette is a famous gambling game. But, unlike the other casino games, here, luck plays no part with your achieved poor results. The house doesn’t take advantage of your win. Only in some instances, it happens otherwise. You can ease your winning by accepting the best strategy and understanding the rules of the Roulette game flawlessly. If you are a perfectionist in the before-mentioned steps, you can easily estimate the odds of each match within less time. Another key point to keep in mind is to know the worth and limit, which helps to fill the space.


  1. Understanding the Roulette Wheel

For a beginner, to minimize the chances of losing, it is advised to know the different Roulette wheel layout, which is American and European Roulette Wheel. The fundamental difference between both wheels is the presence of one and two zeros. American Wheel consists of two green slots with one zero as well as two zeros “00” unlike the European Roulette Wheel. This reduces the chances of winning. You play the Roulette game to win. So, if you notice that the house offers only American Wheel, the best decision is to give up playing or not play at all.

  1. Practice Online Before Playing

The third step to keep in mind while playing Roulette is to achieve experience through online casino gaming platform even before starting to play for real money. You will learn more how to handle the frustration from losing and how to survive after winning situations through online gaming medium. Just like the saying, practice makes a man a perfectionist.

Gain Success

  1. Strategies and Betting to gain Success

You need to make the best strategic move if you plan to win at the Roulette. To brief about the Roulette, here are three of the best strategies you can take up. The Martingale, The Paroli System, the Fibonacci system, and The James Bond Strategy System, to name a few of the remarkable strategies you must know before playing.

  1. Lastly, Bankroll Management

To get successful at the table, you need to make proper strategy, identify the game, and don’t make mistakes.  When you start winning bets, the next step is to recognize how to manage your entire winning. Two of the most basic knowledge are don’t be stupid and invest your whole win on the consecutive games and secondly, learn how to make and size your bets.

Blackjack Playing

The Most Popular Versions of Blackjack

Blackjack or which is otherwise known as 21, is a classic game that one can find at a land-based or online casino. The game has been around for ages now alongside several other classic games, and its popularity just keeps soaring with each day. You will always find more people gathered around a Blackjack table than any other game given that it adds great fun to your overall gambling experience and also comes in variations to break the mundane. In this article, we are going to be looking at the variations of this classic game so that the next time you visit a casino or play at an online casino, you can take your pick and play the game to your heart’s content.

The Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack

Of course, when we are speaking about the varieties of Blackjack, it is important to start the discussion with everyone’s favourite, the classic version of Blackjack. Even with a hoard of other variations of the same game, the classic still stays wildly popular. It involves a regular deck of 52 cards, and the dealer is expected to stand 17 soft or hard totals. The doubling down rules are quite rigid, and you can only bet while starting out on hard totals like 9, 10 and 11.

Blackjack Surrender

The next variation of Blackjack that we need to talk about is the Blackjack Surrender, and its rules are milder than the other variations of Blackjack. One rule that sets it apart from the rest of the variations is that of the surrender rule (hence the name). The game offers the options of an early surrender as well as of a late surrender. And you must know this that an early surrender is considered to be more advantageous than a late surrender.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

This variation of Blackjack is played the most, as the name would suggest, in Las Vegas. The standard rule of the game is that it involves four standard decks and the dealer must stand on the totals of 17. When it comes to the doubling down rule, you are allowed to double down on any two-card total even after a split. Plus, you can also split any two cards to go up to four cards. This is a rule that applies to unlike court cards as well. And of the many advantages that this game has to offer, the one that deserves a special mention is that peeking is allowed both 10-value cards and aces.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

The game of Blackjack shall always be one of the most played and the most popular games at the casinos. As we can see from the discussion that there are several variations of the same game and each of them has their own set of rules that brings in excitement to the table and a lot of room for experimentation. Therefore, pick the variation that you feel the most comfortable with and set the fun rolling.

Pai Gow Poker

The Rules of Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is an interesting version of Poker that has been much popularized by pop culture references. It is also known as Double Hand Poker which is also played with cards or Pai Gow. Before we get into the definite rules and regulations of Pai Gow Poker, here are a few general things for you to remember. Pai Gow Poker involves the use of a deck of 52 cards, including one extra card of Joker. Only a maximum of six players is allowed to sit around the table and play at once. And speaking of the objective of the game, the ones playing the game are expected to beat the banker to win the game. Now this banker could be anyone at the table- the dealer, another player or a tea of player-dealer. We shall now be getting into the specifics of the game and look at them in their more significant details.

Dealing the Game of Pai Gow Poker

The cards are first thoroughly shuffled and then placed into seven-faced down piles, each of which contains seven cards. These piles are placed one for every player, and the dealer discards the four extra unused cards. The cards in this game are dealt in an interesting fashion. The seats are numbered from one to seven and the any one number is chosen at random. The number that is chosen gets the cards dealt, and the dealer then starts dealing the cards in an anti-clockwise fashion starting with that person.

Setting the Hand

Setting the Hand

Rules slightly differ from each other depending on the type of hand you are playing. For instance, for a two-card hand, one can only make pairs and high-cards. However, for the five-card hand, the rules of standard Poker are applied. And in order to win, it is important that the five-card hand is better than the two-card hand and is able to outrank the two-card hand. The use of the Joker only comes in to make a straight or a flush. And if neither of the rules applies, the Joker must be used as an ace. However, it is also important to remember that different casinos have different rules when it comes to the use of the Joker card.

Finally, the Showdown

We have now come to the last part of the game where the two-card hand and the five-card hand are placed at the front and at the back respectively. If it is seen that the hands have been set incorrectly, then it is required that they are reset according to the rules of the house or the player (this depends on who the banker is).

Pai Gow Poker is an interesting variation of Poker that can add a lot of fun to your evenings. It is a great game to bond over in a fun gathering and can leave you with memories that you can cherish for a very long time.

Short Deck Poker

The Rules of Playing 6+ Hold’em or Short Deck Poker

6+ Hold’em is also known as Short Deck Poker and is a wonderful game to indulge in at a casino. However, playing the game could get a little tricky if you do not know the rules. And therefore, in order to shed some light on the rules of this game, we have an article here that looks at these rules in their significant details. Casino games might depend a lot on the kind of cards you are dealt and also on your luck, but that does not imply that you must not pay attention to the rules of the game. Understanding the rules of the game enhances your chances of winning, and therefore, it is imperative that you are responsible enough to look into the rules and dynamics of the game.

Types of Betting in Short Deck Poker

There are usually four streets of betting in Short Deck Poker. These are Pre-flop, Flop, Turn and River. An understanding of how these bets work is crucial in forming your strategy for the game. These bets can either be fixed or have no limit at all. Short Deck Poker is a game that is usually played as a no-limit game.

Short Deck Poker

The Rankings

After the bets, the next factor that you must know about Short Deck Poker or 6+ Hold’em is that of rankings. There are essentially two points that you need to remember while understanding the rankings of the game. The first is that, you can beat the full house with a flush. The second is that, you can beat the straight with three of a kind. Now, these revelations might sound quite easy while going about the game, but the mathematics would tell you otherwise. It is quite difficult to make a flush in order to beat the full house. Also, if you must know, it is quite easy to make a straight flush than to find trips or sets.

Some Tips that You Can Make Use of While Playing Short Deck Poker

There are a few tips that you must keep in your mind while playing this game. Speaking of which, the first tip to make use of is that of the rule of 3 and 6. Also, remember this very important piece of information that a flush draws lose and a straight draws a gain value. Finally, it is also essential that you remember that you are expected to have a stronger Post-flop Hands if you want to win the game.



The rules of Short Deck Poker or 6+ Hold’em are quite similar to that of the traditional Texas Hold’em game, with a few variations. Once you get the hang of these rules, you will find yourself at a much advantageous position and can play your hand with more confidence.

Blackjack and Poker

Easy Tips to Tackle Blackjack and Poker and Win Against the House

If you look forward to winning at gambling, you must know that there are various other ways where you can easily make a good income. However, it’s effortless for any gambler to earn a six-figure amount in and year, no enough platforms and activities are existing on earth to make such an amount. Many gamblers, along with those players, who only play with an edge, often do not get profit from the game. But there are ways to improve and tackle these tough situations to beat the house. The below-given article will provide you with an insight into the tips and tricks to improve the game, entertainment, and fun.


Blackjack is one of the prominent games played in the casino for ages. Blackjack with video poker is one of the platforms where you can win with provable mathematical operation edge against the house. Along with playing the hands accurately, you must know the simple tricks to count the cards. Let’s look at some of the guidelines to win the game.

  • Unlike the other games, there exist only a few situations in the game. You have to know that the dealer only has at least one possible outcomes for ten estimated upwards.
  • Learn how to count the cards. The steps involved here is very simple. If you know how to count, you can win over the house for 0.5 percent to 2 percent approximately. You don’t have to memorize all the cards. Instead, you have to know about the high value and low-value cards.
  • Be seated at a crowded table. Don’t give ears to the stupidity that other players can win over you. The benefit of sitting around a crowded table is that the chances of winning will be more. You must know that if you are sitting with six other players, you will notice five hands rather than 200 when sitting alone.
  • Practising online will help you to enhance the chances to win more. You can learn the necessary strategic steps to improve your hand, thereby to increase the winning.

Playing Poker


Just like blackjack, poker is also a widely played game in the casino around the world. It is relatively the best space to make money while gambling. You have to be extraordinarily talented and overflowing with skills while playing poker as it not only helps to win against the other players but also to beat to envelope the rake. Let’s see a few tips that would help you to win poker.

  • Begin folding. Most of the customers make this mistake. They play with too many hands. Then they chase behind these hands. Instead, you can start folding the hands more frequently, helping you to increase the chances of winning.
  • Staying sober allows you to enhance your winning. Most of the players lose money at a poker table because they are drunk. You have to be in your senses while playing poker. Even though the casino is all about entertainment, to win, you must minimize the alcohol intake.
  • Lastly, you must know when and how to raise the bet and learn how the mathematics behind poker works.

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